Mariana; hahaha you're so right. Come by my room. idk i blog about demi lovato a lot

You’ve got a face for smile, you know.

"I’m living proof that someone can live, love and thrive with bipolar disorder.."

"Single Ladies" - On The Run Tour

"I was learning a folk song in school about a donkey, so I decided to sing that [at my first audition]. They said, ‘Do you know anything more current?’ I then gave them my best rendition of the Spice Girls, complete with dance moves—that’s where my musical career ended. It made me realize that I wasn’t quite ready. I think my parents were trying to give me a healthy dose of realism early on."


I hate it when people complain about YouTubers videos not being on time or not making enough, it’s free entertainment you dicks


People who have a superiority complex based on their enjoyment of vintage music or books are some of the most annoying people in the world and if I ever hear you ridiculing someone just because they may not enjoy listening to the beatles whilst reading to kill a mockingbird and sipping a cup of hibiscus green tea i will literally come to your house and staple your nipples to your elbows 

shoutout to giuliana rancic for saying "I don’t think Demi Lovato has ever looked better. This is her body and she looks stunning" doe

Anonymous said:
do not chill! everything you've said is completely true AND seriously fucking important. when will people learn to stop being so superficial and rude... It's so important for us, the younger generation, to show our anger against this behaviour and that we don't find it "cool" or "funny". it's fucking disgusting. all my support. X